Friday, June 22, 2012

New RNC Video attacks Obama for leaving Hispanics behind

RNC Communications
RNC Releases "Our Family, Our Economy"
WASHINGTON - The Republican National Committee released a new web video "Our Family, Our Economy" demonstrating how Hispanics have suffered disproportionately in President Obama's economy. While nearly 23 million are feeling the pain of the Obama economy, Hispanics are being especially hurt with unemployment higher than the national average at 11% and 2.3 million more in poverty since Barack Obama was elected.
Web video can be viewed here.
Download the web video here.
"President Obama has let Hispanics down when it comes to creating good paying jobs and getting the economy moving again," said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. "He has not lived up to his promises to Hispanic voters and the recent jobs report showed that Hispanics are doing worse, not better in the Obama economy.
"It's unfortunate that President Obama is going to play politics with Hispanics to try and shore up his reelection instead of implementing policies that will help put them back to work. For someone who promised comprehensive immigration reform during his first year in office, it's more than clear President Obama is more worried about Election Day, than the long term improvement of Hispanics."

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