Thursday, June 28, 2012


With the NBA draft upon us, Phoenix Suns fans are taking stock of Robert Sarver's various personnel moves.

Sarver, a California banker, has distinguished himself among NBA owners -- as a study in failure. So if you like Sarver's game in running a basketball team, you will love his moves in politics.

In that arena, we now see he is buying the contract of . . . Congressman Dave Schweikert! The day after the draft, Sarver is throwing Dave a fundraiser at his so-called “exquisite” 30,000 square-foot residence!

Now this is an arms-length transaction: Sarver is greasing Schweikert at his “exquisite” home because the former is a banker and the latter sits on the Financial Services Committee in the House, as the invitation brazenly states. So for a bit of context, allow us to introduce these two gentlemen more fully, to you and to one another.

Dave, Robert is the guy who when SB 1070 was passed, threw himself and his organization into the fray, calling the bill “mean-spirited” and likening it to “Nazi Germany” as he led a national chorus of leftist derision directed at Arizona. Robert, Dave is the guy who has been posing as -- well, just constantly posing -- but posing especially as a tough-on-the-border supporter of the bill you cast as Nazi-like and falsely attacking Ben Quayle just last week on immigration enforcement.


Now, Dave is consorting with Sarver to raise money from banks, obviously. But why exactly, Arizona voters may ask, is Sarver consorting with Dave, when by his own standards Dave is a supporter of “mean-spirited,” Nazi-style legislation?

Dave Schweikert may be the guest of honor in the exquisite Sarver residence this week, but in 2004 things were different, and in 2004 Sarver was donating to. . . John Kerry! 


And how’s this for a personnel move:  Sarver even donated to Harry Mitchell, Dave Schweikert's own Democratic opponent in both of the past two election cycles!

Today Sarver may ply Dave for influence on the Financial Services Committee, but in 2010 he donated
$20,000 to the Arizona Democratic Party and in 2000 he was donating $40,000 to the Democratic National Committee.


This is all part of a continuing pattern with Dishonest Dave. He has already reduced himself to fraud in the present campaign and bold-faced
lies to cover it up. So what’s a little deception about Ben Quayle’s position on immigration enforcement, followed by a fundraiser with the guy who donated to Dave’s own opponent and likened SB 1070 to Nazism?

Enjoy the opulence at Mr. ‘Los Suns’ Sarver’s house. And make sure the check clears from Sarver before posturing support for SB 1070 again.


Don't let Robert Sarver do for Arizona's congressional delegation what he has done for the Phoenix Suns. In this case, thank goodness, the personnel decisions are not up to him.

You get to vote. Vote for Ben Quayle.


Awesomeness said...

So are you going to stop supporting Kirk Adams and John McCain... because Sarver has given to them too.

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