Wednesday, June 27, 2012

JAN PAC - Obama's SB 1070 response: Ignore Arizona

Brewer's Official PAC

Dear Friend,

Arizona's SB 1070 won a key victory today in the Supreme Court! This was a victory for the rule of law when the court upheld the heart of SB 1070.

What's outrageous is President Obama's response to the ruling! President Obama's administration just suspended the ability of local authorities in Arizona from arresting illegal aliens.
As Governor, I have fought tirelessly to ensure that we protect our Constitution and the law. I have stood against President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder from the day they decided to sue us for trying to pass a law that would only further protect our country. With the critical provision of SB 1070 upheld, it shows that we are supported in our efforts and are ready to implement and enforce the law. Now, President Obama has essentially ordered the federal government to ignore Arizona's illegal immigration problem.

Can we get 25 donors to donate $25 or more to celebrate the Supreme Court's decision and send a message to President Obama? It is time to show President Obama that we will never stand down when it comes to the protection of our border and we will also continue to fight against illegal immigration and against Obama's support of back door amnesty.

I thank you again for your support and promise to always protect our Constitution and American sovereignty,

Jan Brewer
Governor of Arizona

P.S. We need 25 donors to donate $25 or more to stand with us and fight back against the Obama administration. Donate now!
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