Monday, June 04, 2012

AZ Fact Check: Wil Cardon Campaign Ad Attacking Flake "Misleading"

Wil Cardon has released another ad attacking Jeff Flake. This one tries to convince viewers that Jeff Flake and President Obama are one and the same on the issue of immigration.

Of course, this is nonsense.

Jeff Flake supports securing our border and does not support amnesty.

In contrast, the Obama administration tells us that America’s border is “more under control than it has ever been.” Well, try telling that to residents of southern Arizona.

Still, as we know from this campaign, facts mean little to Wil Cardon.

In this latest attack, the Cardon campaign not only misrepresents Jeff Flake’s position on immigration, but it uses a photoshopped image in an attempt to trick the viewer into believing that Jeff and President Obama are together on the issue, appearing together at a press conference.

The two images below reveal the Cardon campaign’s deception. The first image is a screenshot from the photoshopped Cardon ad showing Jeff and President Obama together.

The second image is the unaltered original, in which Jeff and his fellow conservative congressional members attend a press conference to advocate limited government spending.

Note that the photo Cardon needed for his ad didn’t exist, so he decided to Photoshop conservatives out of the photo, and insert the president, in order to create it. Wil Cardon has avoided reporters who’ve asked about this, but his campaign isn’t denying it.

The political newspaper, Roll Call, wrote a story blowing the whistle:
Arizona: Cardon TV Ad Uses Questionable Image
Whatever you hear from our opponent, the truth is that Jeff Flake supports securing our border before considering other actions related to immigration reform, and he does not support amnesty.

Jeff and the entire team at the Flake campaign appreciate your time to consider the facts in this matter and any other attacks from Wil Cardon in the future. Thank you.


Andrew Wilder
Communications Director
Jeff Flake for US Senate

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