Thursday, May 03, 2012

Stan Turley Endorses Bob Worlsey for State Senate

Mesa Legend Cites Worsley’s Character

Mesa, Ariz. – Bob Worsley, Mesa businessman, SkyMall founder, and Republican candidate for the open state senate seat in district 25, received the endorsement of former Senate President and House Speaker Stan Turley. Turley has been a Mesa resident for over 40 years and resides in district 25.

“It’s not often one finds a man with Bob Worsley’s character and success as an entrepreneur who is willing to go into public service,” said Turley. “I’m confident that he’ll serve district 25 well, and I give him my full support.”

Turley is one of the most respected elected officials in Arizona’s history. He served in both chambers of the legislature from 1964 to 1986 and is one of a handful of individuals in state history to have served as both senate president and speaker of the house.

“I am honored to receive the support of Arizona legend Stan Turley,” said Worsley. “Stan’s opinions on leadership and the need for integrity and decorum to return to the state capitol are invaluable. I admire statesmen like Stan Turley as opposed to the politicians we most often see that run for public office. His time-tested principles of how he led the House and Senate are especially noteworthy including advice to limit the number of bills that are introduced so as to limit government intrusion into our personal and business lives.”

More about Bob Worlsey:

Bob Worsley is a conservative Republican businessman running to represent district 25 in the state senate. District 25 covers the heart of Mesa. Worsley has been a Mesa resident for 32 years and has been married to his wife, Christi, for 35 years. They have six children and 16 grandchildren. At age 32, Worsley founded SkyMall, the in-flight magazine.

Worsley will use his business experience to find common sense solutions to the state’s problems, to strengthen our local economy and to create an environment that will lead to job creation. He believes Mesa deserves a brighter future. His priorities were recently highlighted in his second web video.

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