Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Russell Pearce: Wil Cardon 'my kind of guy' for U.S. Senate by Dan Nowicki - The AZ Republic

Wil Cardon, a Republican U.S. Senate candidate, is former state Senate President Russell Pearce's kind of guy.

Cardon, a Mesa investor up against six-term U.S. Rep. Jeff Flake in the GOP Senate primary, was warmly received as a guest Monday on Pearce's hourlong radio show on KFNX-AM (1100).

Pearce, the controversial immigration hawk who was ousted from the Arizona Legislature last year in a historic recall election, introduced Cardon as a "good friend of mine ... who I hope is our next U.S. senator representing Arizona." Pearce praised Cardon as a business leader, a dad and "the man with the good heart." Pearce said he was grateful to Cardon for taking on Flake, the GOP Senate front-runner who Pearce described as well-funded.

"Wil, I think you'd do a great job there (in the Senate) -- you're my kind of guy," Pearce said near the end of the broadcast. "I hope we get a chance to expose you more to those folks who love this country, that want a champion, a warrior. A warrior! I'm tired of sending wimps to Washington."

Cardon later tweeted on Twitter that he had "a great time" on Pearce's program, which is sponsored by the anti-illegal-immigration group Ban Amnesty Now. He also posted on Twitter a photo of him and Pearce in the radio station studio.

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