Thursday, April 19, 2012

States That Love Obama Paying The Most For Gas? | Expose Obama

April 18, 2012

A review of current gasoline prices reveals an interesting fact. There is a solid relationship between the pump price of gas and local support for Barack Obama. The higher the chances of Obama winning a state,the higher the gas prices its residents are paying.

The deep blue bastions of California,Illinois,Washington D.C,and New York pay the highest prices for gasoline,and the most red states like Wyoming,Montana,Oklahoma,and Utah,where Obama has virtually no chance of winning next November,have among the lowest pump prices.

Ninety percent of the states that voted against Obama in 2008 have pump prices below the national average. It is one of the frustrating ironies of Obama’s current gasoline crisis that he gets the benefit of a price average which is lower than it actually should be because of better management and lower taxes in red states.

Conversely,over eighty percent of the states Obama won in 2008 are bringing up the national average price because they are tax-and-spend gulags.

Democrat nests such as San Francisco ( $4.35 per gallon),Santa Barbara,Chicago,and Honolulu are all getting the higher gasoline prices they deserve because the voted for Barack Obama’s
“hope and change.”

The question becomes:will the brain-dead rank-and-file Democrats in these states decide they have had enough,or will they believe the ridiculous claims from “political scientists” that gas prices don’t matter to voters?

With gas prices at or near the national average in Ohio and Florida,these states become concerns for Obama in light of his refusal to approve the Keystone pipeline from Canada. Canada’s announcement that she will not reverse her decision to sell her crude oil to China and ignore American requests for cheap oil will not be forgotten across Heartland America on Election Day.

A Republican Congressman from California put it best in summing up Obama’s gasoline problem when he observed
:“It’s going to be very important in the fall.
People fill those gas tanks almost every other day.”

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