Tuesday, April 03, 2012

PANTSLESS MARK SPINKS RETURNS! This Time as Campaign Manager for Travis Grantham's CD-9 Race!

PANTSLESS MARK SPINKS, the former Congressional candidate & #1 for Tom Morrissey, has a new job!

Spinks is now the Campaign Manager for Travis Grantham, a candidate for the new CD-9 seat in Congress.

Did Grantham choose Pantsless Mark Spinks for his "Business Acumen"? Probably NOT!

When asked about Spinks, Grantham reportedly said that what he had done, "WAS NO BIG DEAL"! NO BIG DEAL? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Character matters! Mr. Grantham's choice of Pantsless Mark Spinks 'exposes' a lack of character!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that using Mark's great political skill Travis will finish with the same 800 or so votes that Mark did in his pathetic race for congress.

Remember, this is a guy who couldn't even pull off a vice chair election in his home district.

The good news is that anyone who may have thought Travis Grantham (who?) would be a decent candidate now knows that he lacks the judgement to be an elected official.

I suppose that's the silver lining in Spinks and Brett Mecum's refusals to just go away - you have a quick way to identify which candidates to stay away from.

Anonymous said...

Wow aren't we judgmental! Travis Grantham is a very smart business man and has great judgment. He's an Air Force pilot so he must have some kind of good judgment and brains. Mark made a mistake. He apologized. Doesn't make him a terrible person. Let those who have not made mistakes cast the first stone. Right? I hope Travis wins and I think he will.