Monday, April 09, 2012

Cong. BEN QUAYLE - Obama-Tour 2012: Russia

Dear Friends,

President Obama's cynicism seems to know no bounds. The President gave a speech Monday attacking the GOP budget. The speech was filled with invective, divisive rhetoric, and attempts to scare seniors. The promises of hope and unity from his previous campaign were a distant memory.

Since the President launched an all-out attack on the Republican budget, certainly he has a viable alternative of his own, right? Wrong. The President's proposed budget -- which would sink us ever further into debt, and impose record tax increases -- failed 0-414 in the House last week. That's right. Not a single Member of Congress from either party supported the President's budget proposal.

Rather than governing, the President spends his time campaigning against those who take our nation's problems seriously. The only one receiving promises of hope
and change this time are the Russians, who were whispered a pledge from the president that he would double-cross his country on missile defense after the election is over. And the whole world heard it.

I believe that elected officials have a duty to do whatever it takes, no matter the political dangers involved, to put our nation back on a path to prosperity. That's exactly what I promised to do, and it's what I've done as your representative. I'm in Washington to fight Washington, and I'm not going to quit.

Thank you for all the support you have offered me so far. It means so much to me. As this campaign moves along, any
help you can offer will make a world of difference.

Ben Quayle


Helping Ben: Volunteering

Ben spent this Wednesday evening walking neighborhoods to talk with voters. It was great seeing all the support for Ben. If you'd like to help Ben, please click
here or email Ben Stewart at

Cheatham House Event

Thank you to all of you that came out to the Cheatham event last night and to the Cheatham's for hosting. If you'd like to host an event for Ben, email
Ben's open house

Thank you to the many that joined Ben for his open house this last Saturday and to the many of you that joined him on neighborhood walks! It's great to have such amazing supporters.

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