Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bob Worsley Releases Findings of Recent Issues Poll: It’s the Economy!

Mesa, Ariz - Bob Worsley, Mesa businessman, SkyMall entrepreneur and Republican candidate for the open seat in Senate District 25, released findings from a recent phone poll of likely Republican voters within his district. Not surprisingly, an overwhelming majority of Mesa voters rate the economy and spending issues as their top priorities heading into the upcoming election.

Sixty percent of the 398 Republican respondents indicated the economy, jobs and government spending were their primary concerns, while less than a quarter of those surveyed ranked illegal immigration as a chief concern.

"I'm encouraged by these results. The simple truth is conservative voters in Mesa care about the economy and government spending more than any other issue," said Worsley.

Worsley added,

"We must prepare for upcoming budgetary constraints without raising taxes while driving policy that fosters job growth. Issues that matter most to Arizonans should be our highest priority."

More about the poll:

398 respondents answered the six-question survey on an automated call conducted Saturday, April 14th, with likely Republican voters registered in District 25.

More about Bob:

Bob Worsley, most well known as the founder of SkyMall, is a conservative Republican businessman running for State Senate District 25 in the heart of Mesa. Worsley has been an East Valley resident for more than 30 years and has been married to his wife Christi for 35 years. They have six children and 16 grandchildren.

Worsley is running in the newly created and open Senate District 25 because he wants to use his business experience to find common sense solutions to the state’s problems, to strengthen the local economy and create jobs for families in Mesa. Worsley believes Mesa deserves an elevated dialogue toward a brighter future.

Worsley’s priorities for Senate District 25 and the City of Mesa were recently highlighted in
his web video.

To learn more about Bob, visit his website: or visit his Facebook page:


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