Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Today starts the '2012 Masters' golf tournament!

Many of the pundits, including ESPN 'Asskisser' Colin Cowturd, are picking Tiger Woods to win.

(NOTE to KTAR: Dump that Idiot Cowturd, he is the WORST sports comentator EVER)

PHIL MICKELSON is my choice to win the 2012 Masters and pick up his 4th Green Jacket.

If Mickelson is making puts, he will win! He's been playing well the past few weeks and is always ready for the biggest golf tournament in the world!

Would love to see Phil & Tiger as the Final Pair on Sunday. Phil has beaten Tiger the last 5 times they were paired in the final round.

For all the coverage of the tournament, go to or watch live on ESPN today thru Friday. Saturday & Sunday coverage on CBS. For those of you with Direct TV, Channels 700 - 709 offer a great, interactive way to watch the Masters!

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