Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Newt Gingrich 2012 - Help Newt Win Alabama and Mississippi Today!

Today the people of Alabama and Mississippi go to the ballot box, and Newt is gaining momentum at just the right time.

New polls from American Research Group and Public Policy Polling over the weekend show that Newt is first place in both states. This is tremendous news, but it's only by a narrow margin, so every vote will be extremely important.

As Newt travels across Alabama and Mississippi, it's clear his message of $2.50 gasoline is resonating and voters are responding to his bold leadership that has put President Obama on the defensive over his failed policies.

To capitalize on our momentum, we are asking all our supporters to do three things today:

1. Make 10 phone calls to undecided voters from our simple phone-from-home system

2. Contact all your friends and family who live in Alabama and Mississippi and urge them to vote for Newt tomorrow

3. Make a generous donation to help support our Get Out The Vote effort tomorrow

As a people-powered campaign we have relied heavily on our grassroots volunteers, and you have come through when we've needed you most. Today is one of those days. Your hard work today will go a long way towards helping Newt win tomorrow.

Thanks for all you do for Newt's campaign.


Michael Krull Campaign Manager Newt 2012

P.S. New polls in Alabama and Mississippi show Newt in first place by a close margin, so every vote will count. Please make a generous donation today to help us maximize our voter turnout effort on Election Day.

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