Monday, March 26, 2012


Who on earth is the "Coward" who wrote this article? Who is the author? Why would the Sonoran Alliance even publish The American Post Gazette?

Kirk Adams is a "Breath of Fresh Air" his young political career, he has accomplished much. He became the Speaker of the House in a short time, earning him a reputation for getting needed issues passed with support from the entire Republican Legislature.

That alone is a remarkable attribute. He has integrity and is a statesmen !

He has demonstrated quite an impressive set of LEADERSHIP SKILLS.

Adams quickly recognized the need for support equipment to fight violent crime in Pinal County. From the Mexican border straight up to Phoenix and then onto major cities in America comes the illegal drug traffic! That's a fact!

Sheriff Paul Babeu from Pinal County requested funds for a Helicopter...a much needed piece of equipment to fight the crime spreading in his county by the drug cartels.

It was national news and Babeu quickly became one of the most prominent law enforcement Sheriff's in America and did something about it, He justified the need for this "chopper".

It met
100% approval by the Republican House.

Kirk Adams moved quick, saw the need and provided Pinal County with the support that was very much needed. He is to be commended. He cares about public safety.

To make a statement, "Pinal County Can't afford the gas" is totally insane. Who can ?

Major airlines are raising their rates because of the skyrocketing cost of gas.

"Republican Tea Party".. ..Groups like 2012, 912 and local Tea Parties as well-as other newly formed extreme, fanatical groups that "bully" and like to threaten Republican elected officials come re-election time are now in charge! They hi-jacked the state party!

Candidates not to be identified with these groups if you want to get elected!

The good citizens are tired of these groups and their rants.
They have destroyed and taken over the State Republican Party now labeled "The REPUBLICAN TEA PARTY"...this is what the Arizona Democratic Party calls them!

These are the same folks who are led around by their noses by
Russell Pearce supporters.

It's not working as evidenced in Russell Pearce's recall election. Folks are sick of lawsuits, the BLACK EYES our state has because of these zealots, devoting their time
chasing birth certificates, and selling copies of this worthless cold case posse investigation on Amazon.

This is not why we elect them. Folks are concerned about their quality of life ,main street issues that impact their lives, like jobs, bringing businesses to Arizona. They deserve better.

These folks are out of touch with today's voters and issues in such a radical way.

All they can do is quote the constitution and scripture, forcing their religious beliefs on the good citizens and voters attend their rally's and tea parties.

We need to rid these"self-inhaling ego-maniacs" who bring worthless bills to floor to
"Unleash Dogs", Force Women to justify the need for contraception, halt quality bills that advocate and protect innocent children from BULLIES in public schools.

Bullying is a learned behavior and it comes from the home and your up-bringing.

Just take a good look at some of these Republican Tea bagging Legislators, who
point loaded guns with a laser at a reporter! Now is that very intelligent?

How about the ones who try to use IMMUNITY when they
run "red lights", beat up their girl friends, or a former Senate President who loves to take $40,000. worth of free bees from the Fiesta Bowl and can't remember who Olivia Cortez this what we call the best Republicans can offer voters?

Arizona is fortunate to have such a quality candidate like Kirk Adams....his district will be well represented by an individual who is not a career politician or lobbyist. He has an excellent command of the issues.

The Boston Patriot!

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Tony GOPrano said...

Great post Boston Patriot, spot on! The 'idiots' over at the MORON ALLIANCE continue to post the 'drivel' put out by Rob Haney's Fake Newspaper.

The good thing is that people are noticing. Great Job!