Monday, March 26, 2012

I am a P.C. from LD6 and I am against HB 2405 because it gives school district cart blanch to raise our property Wes Harris

Dear Senators,

The recently passed HB 2405 by the Education Committee opens the locks to an already out of control school bond issue condition. For example Paradise Valley Unified School District already has bonds of $500 you really want to let them have control over our taxes to the tune of $1 Billion...that's right a Billion dollars with a "B"? I think not.

This past year my property tax bill when up 25% due to bond issues by WUSD and two years ago it went up by 50% for the same reason. School bonding is totally out of control and the result is not one dime being spent to further the education of our children. Just look at the test scores over the past 20 years...not one increase!

Now is not the time for the State Legislature to give the school districts cart blanch over our taxing authorities.

This is a back door tax increase pushed by the Teacher's Unions and the School Administrators. Many districts are using these bonds to get around the previously passed legislation that equalized school funding...legislation passed by this body.

Please do not abdicate your responsibilities to hold the line on taxes in this state. Vote no on HB 2405.

Thank you


Wesley W. Harris;;
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