Monday, March 26, 2012

Governor Jan Brewer: Two Years Later, Costs of ObamaCare Still Being Realized

Statement by Governor Jan Brewer
Two Years Later, Costs of ObamaCare Still Being Realized

“It has been two years since the Obama administration forced its federal health care mandate onto Arizona and the rest of the nation. While the most onerous aspects of ObamaCare are yet to take effect, its true costs are becoming clear – both in terms of lost individual liberty and soaring Medicaid expenses for states like mine.

“Fortunately, it’s not too late to turn this back. At my direction, Arizona is among a 26-state coalition leading a legal fight against this federal power grab. There have been both wins and losses in this legal battle, but the final word will be issued by the U.S. Supreme Court following a three-day series of hearings that begin Monday.

“I am confident the High Court will reach the same conclusion as most Americans: This law is an unaffordable, unconstitutional overreach by the federal government.

“The stakes simply could not be higher. Over the next three years, my office estimates that the mandatory Medicaid expansion and other requirements of ObamaCare will cost the State of Arizona nearly $700 million annually. This could hardly come at a worse time, with the state just now getting a handle on Medicaid and returning to a balanced budget after years of red ink and spiraling health care costs.

“In the name of limited government and individual liberty, the Supreme Court must rule against this unconstitutional law. I am optimistic the second anniversary of ObamaCare will be its last.”


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