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For a little while last year, I had articles about the attacking and killing of Coptic Christians in Egypt backed up, waiting for my comments. Nonetheless, it is definitely not a relief to report something similar happening to the Danes instead of the Copts. However, as the immigrants showed in the Netherlands, Once the Muslims are ensconced in an area, they consider that area theirs (Dar-as-Islam) and want to “cleanse” that area, city, or country, of everyone not a Believer. In the Netherlands, remember, Dutch stores and other non-Muslim entities were robbed ostensibly because the robbery to the perpetrators was not stealing, but merely assessing the obliged jizya tax on the non-Muslim residents of areas the Muslims considered theirs.

[Isn’t that intolerance? And don’t the Muslims want to build another mosque in our “racist” country—while not allowing any churches in theirs? I hasten to add that there are significant numbers of Muslims that do not subscribe to these crimes. But consider for a moment: what are the non-belligerent Muslims to think when their scriptures say Allah hates non-Muslims and has special, horrible torments waiting for them after death? According to some imams, it is open season on us. It is also open season on Muslims who do not join their radical friends and family, making lives hell for the people of the host countries.]

So far, I have seen no reports about Danish worshippers being attacked with stones or gunfire, as are the Copts--in church during a service or during an escape from a suddenly burning church or home. Is that yet to come? Will the Danes and others begin to experience even more crimes against them?

[If this phenomenon were to occur in Irish, Polish, Italian, black, or other neighborhoods, men of the cloth would hit the pulpits quickly and denounce the activity in very loud and clear terms. A few less violent imams may secretly despise the nefarious deeds, but would not dare preach against them, less they be accused of denouncing jihad--or accused of apostasy, both of which could result in peremptory executions. If it happened in this country against the Muslims, the FBI and other LEAs would not rest until the culprits were in jail.]

I would seriously advise fellow Americans to look beyond their elite media that hides all of these crimes in Europe and elsewhere from us. We need to know about Islam--a fast growing religion--but Leftists simply do not want us to know. Something is going on in the world that affects us now and will affect us personally soon. Last I looked at Congress and the Pentagon, I did not notice any Charles Martels. We have a few people coming close—such as our past Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, but too many folks have already been legalized or regulated to brain-death, and thus the natural hue of resolution is sicklied over with the pale cast of thought; and enterprises of great moment, their chances turn awry and lose the name of action. The state-mandated and manufactured conscience doth make cowards of us all.

I now introduce the following article from Jihad Watch (well worth reading). I changed the spelling of Muhammad, added a few underlines, and contributed a note of my own I considered necessary, although all Americans should know by now what jizya means.

Danish police: Immigrant criminals target Danes to make them move out of the (Muslim) area Muslims' right to rob non-Muslims has been established since their prophet (always "their", not "the") attracted fighters by allowing booty and
rape when attacking non-Muslims. An anonymous Danish police officer now says that "immigrant" criminals are targeting non-Muslims because they want them to leave the area. I guess the non-Muslims could avoid such attacks if they paid jizya to the local mosque. [hjs note: jizya is a special, exorbitant tax paid by Dhimmis (3d class citizens) to their “Muslim masters” for the privilege of living in a Muslim community.]

Here is an account of Muhammad's copy cats at work, translated from B.T., January 23rd 2012. Vollsmose is one of the biggest Muslim ghettos in Denmark, located in Odense on the Island of Funen.

"Police officer: They want the Danes out of the area. Danes targeted in burglaries in Vollsmose":

If your last name is 'Hansen' or 'Nielsen,' and you live in the Odense district of Vollsmose, your risk of becoming the victim of a burglary is significantly higher than if you had had a more foreign-sounding surname.

A burglary campaign against ethnic Danes has spread in the troubled district in the recent months.

- There is a kind of racism out there, where we find that more and more Danes are chased out of the area. It happens as a result of a big increase in burglaries. There have been approximately 150 burglaries the last four months. What is striking is that nine out of ten burglaries are now directed against ethnic Danes, a cop at Funen Police headquarters explains. The cop does not want us to publish his name for fear of losing his job. His name is known by the editors. The officer believes that someone is trying to cleanse the area from the remaining Danes.

- Several of the young offenders have directly said that they want Vollsmose for themselves.

Last year a Danish family reported several incidents, with the result that the family's apartment was vandalized every week until the family finally gave up and moved out of the area. Additionally, many of these burglaries resemble actual vandalism, which make it look like some kind of revenge.

The officer criticizes the way the authorities are handling the problem. He believes that they are trying to cover up the development simply because it is controversial.

- Everyone knows it ... Why they put a lid on it I do not know, but I guess it is because it is politically controversial. ...

The local police deputy in Vollsmose, Bjarne Puggaard, confirms that there is a dramatic increase in the number of burglaries in the area. He does not want to confirm whether it is especially ethnic Danes who are victims of the many burglaries.

Shortly after the interview with the local police,, however, receives a phone call from the Funen chief of police. After a little reflection, the police now suddenly wish to confirm that the burglaries are mainly targeted at Danes. ...

- I have no idea why they look at the name of the mailbox before they commit burglary.
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