Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Last week, we received an 'E-Mail' from our 'old pal' Brett Mecum! The disgraced, former AZ GOP Executive Director and wanna be Stunt Driver, has re-appeared as the head of Frank Antenori's Congressional Campaign in Tucson!

Mecum, who's 'claim to fame' was the pictures posted on a Scottsdale website called "The Dirty", has spent the last few months trying to become a 'Political Consultant'!

Well one sucker oops, we mean candidate, hired him. Frank Antenori, the Anger Filled, State Senator from LD-30!

Insiders we talk to all tell us the same thing.....Antenori is NOT very well liked in the State Legislature.

Brett Mecum and Frank Antenori together should make for some interesting fireworks! Our advice to Antenori, DON'T LET Brett do the driving!

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Barbara Espinosa said...

GADS! At least he's working and is not on the welfare rolls or taxpayer dole Give him a break already...