Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Ben Quayle Record Earns Critical Support, Performance Scores in CD 6 Primary Contest

Quayle Record Earns Critical Support, Performance Scores in CD 6 Primary Contest

Just two weeks after announcing his candidacy for the newly drawn 6th Congressional District, Ben Quayle has already begun to outpace his primary challenger in key measures of conservative record and support, and exposed a blatant flip-flop by his opponent on an important policy issue in a televised debate.

After announcing his reelection bid, Rep. Quayle received the endorsement of Senator Jon Kyl. In making the endorsement, Sen. Kyl stated

"Ben Quayle is a true conservative who has entered public service at the right time for the right reasons. His first term in Congress has quickly marked him as a talented young leader with the
convictions and character to serve our state and our nation. He has my enthusiastic endorsement."

Rep. Quayle's conservative record received further backing last week, when the publication National Journal ranked him the most conservative Member of Congress based on his voting record. Said Quayle

"I'm proud that my pro-growth, small-government voting record ranks me as the most conservative Member of Congress." Quayle was the only Arizonan to earn National Journal's most conservative ranking-a designation he shared with nine of his House colleagues whose voting records received a composite conservative score of 94. By comparison, Rep. Quayle's primary opponent received a composite score of 81.

In a ranking released by the free market advocacy organization "Club for Growth" on Wednesday, Quayle's conservative record again outperformed his opponent's. This key measure of performance on economic issues showed Quayle with a score of 98 out of 100 against just 93 for his opponent. In addition to his high ranking, the "Club for Growth" awarded Rep. Quayle the "Defender of Economic Freedom" award for his tireless advocacy of pro-growth policy.

On Thursday, The American Conservative Union gave Quayle a 100 rating. This follows the trend of Rep. Quayle receiving high rankings for his conservative voting record.

"Ben Quayle has quickly distinguished himself as one of the most
effective and energetic conservative leader in Congress, and his opponent has not," said Quayle campaign spokesman Jay Heiler. "Senator Kyl knows it; the National Journal knows it; the Club for Growth knows it; and now all viewers of Sunday Square Off know it too."

The two candidates for the Republican nomination had their first televised exchange of views, in which Quayle rapped his challenger for flip-flopping to support Barack Obama's deficit-expanding "payroll tax holiday", after having called that same measure "generational theft" only weeks ago. You can watch the two candidates sparring on Brahm Resnik's "Sunday Square Off" here: http://bcove.me/e6jxb3i4


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Quayle can't seem to shake that deer-in-the-headlights look. Schweikert appeared comfortable and in command during the debate. Ben looked like he wanted to be somewhere else.