Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Angry Frank Antenori Tries to Explain Running Red Light....oops!

State Senator Miffed at Red Light Violation Question: MyFoxPHOENIX.com

State Senator Miffed at Red Light Violation Question: MyFoxPHOENIX.com


Last night, Channel 10 News had the video of Sen. Frank Antenori 'discussing' his running a Red Light in Scottsdale. Here is what he said:

Antenori: “Did you ask the other guys about running red lights?”

Reporter: “I’m asking you.”

Antenori: “Well everybody else has run red lights too, did you check their driving record? I ran a red light, I went to driver’s school and that’s it. I’m interested to know why the interest on that when everyone in this race has tickets. Actually I have the least number of tickets.”

Are you kidding me Frank?

Your campaign chief Brett Mecum's 'feeble' article called "Intimidation by traffic camera profiteers won’t stop reforms" which was posted on the Moron Alliance, tries to 'throw under the bus' Antenori's competition in the race for Congress.

How do we know if these 'accusations' are true? There are NO LINKS in the story proving anything.

Even if they are true, that is NOT the problem. The problem is Frank Antenori. He is an elected official. He tried to use 'Legislative Immunity' in 2009 when he got caught on Photo Radar. That led to his license being suspended. A collection agency sent him four notices about the outstanding ticket, but he never paid it.

Just last week, Antenori paid $312.25 to a collection agency , the Arizona Daily Star reported. He got his ticket, via photo radar, for driving 57 mph in a 45 mph zone.

Conservatives, especially elected officials pay their bills! They take responsibility for their actions, unlike Antenori.

But an even bigger problem for Antenori might come from a Press Release that he put out yesterday trying to make it look like he was endosed by the NRA!

The NRA does NOT endorse in Primary Elections! The NRA has been contacted about this and it may come back to bite Antenori in the ass!

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