Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sign That the End is Near for Wil Cardon: Uses "Peeing Red Blog" in a Press Release

Earlier last week, we received a 'Press Release' from the Wil Cardon campaign. The release, titled, "ICYMI: Cardon Wins Maricopa County GOP Straw Poll"
was an 'article' from the Peeing Red Blog!

Why would the Cardon campaign use these 'idiots' as a source? These are the same imbiciles that pimped for JD Hayworth in 2010, and others like Sam Crump, ALL losers in their races.

Rob Haney & his MCRC cronies do these 'polls' in every election cycle. Name ONE time when they have been right? Good thing the voters in Arizona pay ZERO attention to these morons!

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Anonymous said...

He's bragging about his showing at an event where Rick Santorum got 64% of the vote? How'd that work out for ya Rick? I think the only thing this proves is that people who attend a GOP Lincoln Day Event are disconnected from reality. But we knew that already.