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RNC Rapid Response Video "A 'Super' Failed Promise" Pass this on to our friends

February 7, 2012
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RNC Rapid Response Web Video: “A ‘Super’ Failed Promise”

WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee (RNC) is out with a new Rapid Response web video “
A ‘Super’ Failed Promise” after another failed promise from President Obama. Like clockwork, Barack Obama goes back on another one of his promises to ‘change Washington’ because his number one priority is saving his own job. It’s no secret this president will do anything and saying anything to get reelected.

Web video can be viewed

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“In 2010, President Obama decried these outside groups as ‘a threat to our democracy,’ yet, with his job on the line, he changed his position,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “With enthusiasm for his campaign lagging, Barack Obama is going to have to do everything in his power to try and mask three years of failed economic policies.”

“Today’s announcement is more evidence that this president will do and say anything to get reelected. The Obama of ‘hope and change’ is no more. He’s in full-campaign mode, focused on saving his own job.”


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