Monday, February 27, 2012


Last week, we received an "E-Mail Alert" from our old 'pal' PANTSLESS MARK SPINKS"and the Arizona Freedom Alliance! Here is the e-mail:


Here is what Mark Spinks said:

Please come out this Saturday and help introduce David to some of his new constituents. We helped get David elected in 2010, and then the IRC took him away. He now is forced into a battle since Ben Quayle decided he didn't care for us much in CD9 and would rather undo all ours and David's hard work by challenging David in the new CD6.

Let's show Ben Quayle what he missed out on when he kicked us in CD9 to the curb and show our support and loyalty for David and join him and Joyce in walking neighborhoods in their new area. David is fighting for all of us in Arizona regardless of where the lines were drawn by the IRC and we need to make sure he is returned to Washington. Knocking on doors and introducing him to the new people in his district is crucial in his success in this primary.

Everyone will be meeting at David's new campaign office just off Hwy 51 and Shea on the SE corner right when you exit at the first shopping center. The address is 8776 E. Shea Blvd.

If you have questions or need directions you can call Karen
at 602-571-6020.

Also, please forward to anyone else you know that
would like to come and join us!!

Thank You!!!!


Why would Congressman Schweikert want Pantsless Mark Spinks to help his campaign? Guess Schweikert doesn read PM; we have done dozens of articles on Spinks and his 'Hi-Jinx'!

Schweikert has sold out to the Rob Haney Kabol and everyone knows their endorsement is the 'Kiss of Death'!

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Anonymous said...

The really odd thing about this is that David "Politics is a Bloodsport" Schweikert is the one that exposed (bad pun, I know) the truth about Mark Spinks back when they were CD-5 rivals.

If David never would have leaked info on Spinks to the press we may never have known about Mark Spinks record as a sex offender, drunk driver, and serial business failure.

So why would a guy like Spinks cozy up to the man who exposed him? Something smells funny here.