Friday, February 03, 2012


Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted of Phoenix has become one of the first Roman Catholic bishops in the nation to openly defy the Obama administration over new rules forcing employers to include access to contraceptives and sterilization procedures in health-insurance coverage.

Although the Catholic Church itself is exempt from the proposed regulations, Olmsted believes the federal government's decision is an attack on religious liberty.

He is encouraging church members to actively oppose it.

Rob DeFrancesco, spokesman for the Phoenix Diocese, said that even though the diocese, its parishes and its schools will likely all be exempt from the rule, the bishop is concerned about "many other organizations," such as charities and hospitals, that are Catholic in belief but may not fall under the diocese's administrative umbrella.

Here is the letter Bishop Olmstead had read last Sunday during the Homily throughout the Diocese last Sunday:

Bishop Olmstead's Letter


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