Thursday, February 09, 2012

Let’s take a look at the representation in the new CD 6 vs the new CD 9.

Instead of believing the 'propoganda' being put out by "Pro-Schweikert Blogs" we thought you would like some ACTUAL numbers in the Arizona CD-6/CD-9 new Congressional Districts:

We think that paints a rather clear picture. CD9 would consist of a new constituency for Congressman Quayle. On the contrary, a large majority of CD 9 is already familiar with Congressman Schweikert. The argument that Congressman Quayle abandoned his district is not accurate. Nearly 70% of the district that voted him into office resides in CD 6.

The Schweikert campaign has conveniently withheld a good deal of relevant information...while immediately opting to go negative in their messaging.

It also helps to see just how egregious the AIRC was when they drew the lines in regards to Congressman Quayle. Ben stood up to Obama and in doing so he has now become Obama's target. Below is a snippet of Congressman Quayle’s neighborhood with a red dot displaying his residence. The Democrats were able to succeed in drawing the lines down a residential street and cutting up into the Congressman’s neighborhood to cut him out of his district literally by feet.


Anonymous said...

Negative campaigning is what David Schweikert does best.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for presenting the facts about this situation!