Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cong. BEN QUAYLE: Facts for our supporters

"This should be a substantive race with atone that honors our party, our nation and the voters of the 6th District." - Ben Quayle

That was the hope. It didn't take long...in fact, it took less than 24 hours for our challenger to go negative. If that wasn't enough, a few hours later he followed that up in a move that shows desperation by blasting a blatantly false email around to Arizonans to try to distort the facts about the new Congressional District 6. We would like to help our supporters by providing you with the facts. We ask you to help us spread this information so that your family, friends, and neighbors are all armed with the truth.

Fact #1: CD 6 consists of nearly 70% of Ben's current constituents.

Nearly 70% of CD 6 is currently represented by Congressman Quayle.

Fact #2: CD 9's current Congressman is David Schweikert by nearly 3.5 to 1.

Numbers are tricky to spin. For every 1 person in CD 9 that is represented by Congressman Quayle, 3.5 people have Congressman Schweikert as their representative. There is a vast majority of constituents in CD 9 who are currently being represented by Congressman Schweikert and are familiar with him.

Ben needs your help.

We need your voice to set the record straight and silence the nonsense. Americans are tired of mud slinging political maneuvers. Together we can keep the discussion factual and focused on the issues that matter.

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