Wednesday, February 01, 2012

AZGOP's Russell Pearce - Mount Russmore or The Great Sphinx?

When Russell Pearce touted his candidacy for 1st Vice-Chair of the Arizona Republican Party at Saturday’s State Mandatory Meeting, a long line of admirers stood at the altar podium of the church sanctuary and testified about their personal relationship with Jesus Pearce.

During the Pearce Revival, we here at PM received calls and texts from PCs and enjoyed the live tweets from the Arizona Capitol Times’ Jim Small. (The Phoenix New Times' Stephen Lemons reported on the show as well.)

No one was more moved by the touch of his master’s hand than Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman, Rob Haney.

In what can only be described as a pathological case of hero worship, Haney said,

“When you and I are gone, if anyone’s profile is carved into Camelback Mountain,
it will be Russell Pearce’s.”

We suspect that the Haney dinner table conversation goes something like this: "I like to think of Russell as a……"


Anonymous said...

I read this, and thought (no, hoped) that it was one of your spot-on parodies. But, I know in my heart it's not. They really think he deserves a shrine on a mountain.

Tony GOPrano said...

No, I think you're right! Some worship Pearce like he is some kind of Messiah? Gee, is he the GOP equivilant of Barack Hussein Obama?

Anonymous said...

I'm actually surprised the vote between Ortiz-Parsons and Pearce was as close as it was, given the types of people that are usually drawn to these things, the proxy shenanigans, and the organized effort against Diane.

If Pearce can only get 60% after that type of effort then maybe the state of the Party is not as sad as it seems.

Anonymous said...

If we must have Russell Pearce's face carved on Camelback please promise me it will be on the camel's ass! I drive past the camel's every time I drive to work and it would be nice way to remember the first Senate President in history to be recalled. Mike Triggs