Friday, February 17, 2012

3 Republican legislators vote to continue corporate subsidies to newspapers by Rachel Alexander

NOTE: Here is an excellent article on the failure yesterday of HB 2403 by Rachel Alexander!

CLICK HERE to read her entire article on! Our old 'pal' CARL SEEL, the Deadbeat State Rep from LD-6, voted NO!

February 17, 2012

I couldn't believe what I watched yesterday. Three Republican legislators - who all hold themselves out as conservatives - voted in a committee hearing to continue granting print newspapers an exclusive monopoly on public notices.

Reps Carl Seel, Jeff Dial, and Terri Proud all voted against HB 2403, which would have brought us into the modern era and permitted public notices to be posted on the internet instead of print newspapers, including on government websites, saving taxpayers lots of money and increasing transparency. Websites like Sonoran Alliance and my IC Arizona would be able to post public notices at a more competitive cost.

I wrote an article fully explaining the depths of this problem here.

I received this email today about it:
"I work for a newspaper and you're 100 percent right ... but I can't say anything. Not only does the public pay to put notices in the paper, the law requires purchasing the paper to get the notices. They get you coming and going."It may not be too late to revive this bill.

Please contact the three Republican legislators who voted against it and express your disappointment. Kudos to the Republican legislators who supported it, Sen. Andy Biggs, Rep. David Stevens and Rep. Justin Pierce.

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elliesbooks said...

Today, in 2012, we see that the establishment will go to any degree to protect the corrupt system. If there was a 2020 idea this was it, there is no doubt that this was the RIGHT THING TO DO ! But they had to vote for their wallet, we need to remove all of these people I think we need a new movement !

Ellis Economics !