Thursday, January 05, 2012


It’s time for a new Sheriff in Washington

Posted on January 4, 2012 by Paul Babeu

Today I announce my candidacy for the United States House of Representatives in Arizona’s new 4th Congressional District.

As a first responder, I’m trained to run toward dangers that others run away from. Right now, the biggest threats facing our country are from Washington. We have record debt and deficit spending, the biggest intergenerational theft in the history of the world. We have a system that punishes job creators and leaves many millions unemployed. We have an unsecured border that allows the drug cartels to operate freely in our country, and results in 400,000 illegal crossings into our state every year.

How have our leaders responded to these threats? This Congress approved the largest debt ceiling increase in American history. The administration transferred 2,000 high powered weapons to the most dangerous criminals in North America, punishing whistleblowers and rewarding those responsible for “Fast and Furious.” Then they sued Arizona for doing the job they won’t do. While Americans watch their savings disappear, we have credible allegations of insider trading by members of Congress.

It’s time for a new Sheriff in Washington. The American people are sounding a giant 911 call on Washington. And I’m responding.

Are you with me?

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