Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"On the Matter of Predestination" - By HJS

HJS Comments: Over the years we noticed that predestination in the Middle East takes more than one form, but generally the person believes that whatever he is about to do has already been scheduled and there is nothing he can do about it. Someone dies, it was his time; someone survives, insha’llah, Allah willed it; I will see you tomorrow, insha’llah, I will see you tomorrow if Allah wills it. Is it an important issue for us Americans? After all, it is not usually discussed anywhere.

Not much about Islam is discussed anywhere these days, except what the Islamists want discussed. In fact, if the Islamists get their way—and too many people are inclined to give them their way—only good things can be said about Islam; it may be criminal to criticize Islam in any way. Verily, Qur’an sura 33, verse 57, despite what it says, is translated by Islamists to mean that one may never criticize or insult the prophet, Islam, or the Quran and that those who do may pay a terrible price in this world and the next. Whenever such penalties are attached to a described action, only the transgressor’s immediate death satisfies the Islamists. People have been murdered for centuries for saying much less about Islam than the Islamists say about Christianity or Judaism.

So it would be nice if some folks would dial up or email their favorite or not-so-favorite politicos and say something like, “Don’t you dare let the United Nations give in to those Islamists on the matter of not criticizing Islam. They criticize the hell out of us and our religions, so turn-about is fair play. Who in hell do they think they are anyway?” If we don’t do that, we may find ourselves without articles such as this, writers such as I (I’d be in jail), and in the dark about something we need to know more about.

Getting back to predestination, try this for a scenario. A very nice person, Abdullah (Servant of Allah), living in America, has a history of being decent to everyone he knows. He would never, ever consider being unkind to his fellow man. One day Abdullah heard talk that reminded him of his predicament. He knows he is a good person and loves his religion; however, he also knows that he is either going to paradise or hell. The imams cannot tell him for sure which path he is on; only Allah knows. He wants to go to paradise, of course, but he also knows he could be on the path to hell, which was predestined, insha’llah. What can he do to assure himself of paradise? He must choose martyrdom. He does not hate Jews or Christians, but Allah does, according to the Qur’an, because they are unbelievers, the worst of all animals in His sight. So gentle Abdullah finds some radical to sell him a couple of grenades, he walks into a New York delicatessen, and when he finds himself in the midst of a few folks who just came in for something to eat, he pulls the pins on the grenades, knowing that by killing Allah’s hated enemies, and dying himself in the process, he will feel no pain and fly to paradise immediately on the wings of little green birds. We have just discussed an individual; now suppose instead of Abdullah, we were discussing Iran’s leadership? They are building nuclear weapons to obliterate Jews and Christians, primarily. If they succeed, they will rule the earth. If they don’t, they still go to paradise for trying. It is win-win for them. Now just what do we intend doing about it? You certainly cannot depend upon this administration for answers; they don’t have any. I must believe that each one of us has an answer. Isn’t it time to tell congress what the answer is? HJS

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