Friday, January 20, 2012

Matt Salmon Marlboro Macho Man?

The only thing more funny than watching Matt Salmon's political makeover from Washington Lobbyist to Right Wing Candidate, has been Salmon's wardrobe makeovers. My favorite picture is his recent trip to the border. In this pictures Salmon poses as a cowboy with his $1500 boots, designer cowboy hat and t-shirt. He looks like the Marlboro Man with a mid-life crises. The only thing he is missing is a cigarette, so we decided to add one for him just the way he like it electronic style.

Nothing wrong with electronic cigarettes. Just seems a bit odd for a former Congressman to be doing a huckster ad while reading cue cards. Reminds me of another former Congressman whose last run ended very badly. When looking at voting for Salmon, remember the words of JD Huckster himself, "Buyer Beware".

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