Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I would love to have your support, and I’m asking for your vote for the position of Third Vice Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. My purpose in running is to help build the Republican Party into a stronger, more unified, well-informed organization. This will only be accomplished by working together as a team to defeat the Liberal, Progressive Obama Administration and the Democrat machine that is bent on the destruction of our Republic, our Constitution, and the economic base of our Nation.

You know that question they always ask – Which President inspired you to get active in politics? My answer to that question is… Jimmy Carter. I felt our Nation, and the free world, needed better leadership. At the time, I felt he was the poorest President we had ever elected. Of course, Obama now makes Carter look like a genius! As a lifetime resident of our great State, I am disgusted with his Administration and its attacks on States’ Rights and Individual Liberty. We must stop them now, not only by defeating Obama, but by extending the House and recapturing the Senate on the federal level. And we must give no ground at the state and local levels.

When I started out helping the Party in the eighties, the Graham County Republicans were relatively powerless and heavily outnumbered by Democrats. In the nineties, I became a Precinct Committeeman and dedicated my time and treasure to the party. I worked tirelessly on campaigns for Republican candidates, gathering petition signatures at personal expense and planting signs in five counties. I served as Graham County’s Second Vice Chairman, then First Vice Chairman, and I’ve been honored to be elected and re-elected as Chairman since 2005. I provide and maintain a highly conspicuous office for Graham County GOP, including all office equipment and utilities, at my own expense.

  •  Assist the Chairman in fundraising, voter registration, and event planning.

  •  Strengthen communication, bonds, and teamwork with the entire Party.

  •  Support the entire Republican Party Platform.

For me, all the hard work and personal investment is about one thing: Results. Here are some of the results Graham County GOP has delivered under my leadership as Chairman:

  •  The Constitution Day picnic I started in our county has grown from a small gathering to well over 300 people in attendance annually.

  •  Our Lincoln Day Luncheons have become regular sellout events and a primary funding source, with Congressmen, Senators, Presidential candidates, and our Governor.

  •  We have filled 81 of our 83 PC positions.

  •  We’ve defeated three-term incumbent Democrats to elect a Sheriff and Assessor.

  •  We’ve elected a Republican City Mayor and two Justices of the Peace.

  •  All Republican candidates running for office in Graham County won in 2010.

  •  And thanks to our successful voter registration drives, on July 5th, 2010, Graham County became a Republican county for the first time since Statehood.

These are the kind of results I’ll give 110% effort to help with statewide, but our success can only happen with teamwork across the entire Party. I humbly request your vote and support for the position of Third Vice Chair of the Arizona Republican Party, and I respectfully ask you to join me in supporting Russell Pearce, Parralee Schneider, Deborrah Miller, Andrew Stevens, Alberto Gutier, and Chris Campbell in their respective bids for office. This team has pledged to work together to strengthen the Party. Let’s all work together to strengthen our State, take back our Nation, and preserve our Liberty.
Lifetime resident of Arizona

Vietnam era Veteran

Iron Man Award, Basic Training

Honor Graduate, Non-Commissioned Officer School

Lifetime Member, National Rifle Association

Former Member, Graham County Search & Rescue

Member, American Legion Post 32

Special Honor and Recognition from the Chairman for Graham County GOP, 2011

Senator Barry Goldwater Award, 2009 (highest Republican award)

Elected National Delegate, RNC, 2008

Guest of Congressman Rick Renzi at 110th Congress Opening, 2006

Owner/CEO of Rhodes Construction, Inc., a 32-year owner-operated Arizona business

Member, NFIB and Arizona Chamber of Commerce

Past Exalted Ruler, Elks Club

Public Member, Arizona Board of Podiatry (appointed by Governor Brewer)


Former Senate President Russell Pearce

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Oath Keeper and former Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack

Graham County Sheriff PJ Allred

Graham County Assessor Darlene Alder

Congressman Jeff Flake

Former Congressman Rick Renzi

Former State Representative Bill Konopnicki

Parralee Schneider

Bill Baxter

Jeni White

Paul Hickman

Joe Abate

Shiree Verdone

Lisa James

Keith Alexander, First Vice Chair, Graham County Republican Committee

Kip Kempton, Second Vice Chair, Graham County Republican Committee

Mike Andazola, Third Vice Chair, Graham County Republican Committee

Charlotte Alexander, Secretary, Graham County Republican Committee

Becky Nutt, First Vice Chair and former Chairman, Greenlee County GOP

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