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Electoral Corruption in the AZGOP by Paula Pennypacker -

NOTE:  Great article by our friend Paula Pennypacker on the CORRUPTION of Rob Haney & the MCRC!

My friends, today I attended the "mandatory" meeting for elected Precinct Committeemen and women (PC's), for the Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC).

What I witnessed, was a level of electoral corruption and fraud within the Arizona Republican Party, that must be stopped.


Once a year the MCRC meets to elect their leadership. No one hates going to these meetings more than I do. In fact, it was the last thing I wanted to do on my Saturday morning, but I went because it is my duty as an elected precinct committeewoman. It's my duty to be there to vote, because Members at Large, who serve as the steering committee for the MCRC, were to be elected.

Upon entering the meeting, I was handed a expensive-looking flyer (not sure who paid for it), that endorsed a slate of five candidates (for 5 seats). All five were endorsed by, you guessed it -- Russell Pearce, Sheriff Joe

Arpaio, and Tea Party Leader Ron Ludders.

There were seven other, outstanding candidates running for Members at Large, but not endorsed by Emperor Pearce and Arpaio.

Not surprisingly, all five Russell Pearce/Arpaio endorsed candidates won on the first ballot.

How could that be you ask?

Proxy voting.

That is why as an elected Republican PC -- I want to go on the record as saying that this meeting was a total scam.

Out of a total of 1783 possible voters -- 695 of those votes were by proxy. That is an astonishing 38 percent.

Apparently this meeting is not so "mandatory" after all as some legislative districts had more proxies, than physically present PC's.

You read that right!

More proxies than people!

When I heard the voter totals announced by the credentials committee -- I turned to the person sitting next to me and said -- the entire Pearce/Arpaio slate will win on the first ballot.

How did I know that?

I knew that because I witnessed multiple people, stuffing mufti-paper proxy ballots into boxes arranged around the auditorium. It brought images of Afghanistan, and ink dipped fingers to mind, a vain attempt to ensure one person, one vote elections, until they figured out that the ink could be easily removed.

The entire voting system seemed so dated, and archaic.

But this scam began way before the first proxy vote was cast today, as MCRC Chairman, Rob Haney, and his sheep-like followers, have been very busy recruiting hundreds of PC's at tea party events. Overnight, tea party meetings became fertile recruiting grounds for rabid 1070, flag waving, what-part-of-illegal-don't-you -understand Republicans.

Most tea partiers didn't even know what a PC was, but after being recruited by rabid partisans, they were told to just get 5 signatures, get elected, hand me your proxy -- and leave the rest up to us.

Constantine Quarard, the slimy political operative who assisted Pearce in his historic recall loss, was seen milling around at today's meeting, overseeing the entire scam. Nothing like letting the fox guard the hen house.

Now mind you -- this is all perfectly legal, but proxy voting is ripe for corruption, because one person is allowed to cast more than one vote -- and carry multiple proxies.

It's the simplest form of ballot stuffing.

In fact -- it's the only way that Russell Pearce, Joe Arpaio, and their ilk have been able to maintain control of the now bankrupt MCRC and the AZGOP, which are pretty important assets -- if your goal is to get elected in Arizona.

And talk about hypocrisy? This is the same crowd who insists on voter ID (which I agree with) at the polls -- to make sure only eligible citizens are voting, and to ensure one person, one vote, electoral integrity.

But when it comes to keeping their guys in power, stuffing the ballot box, with multi-proxy votes is A-OK.

I left that meeting feeling like my voting rights had been hijacked, and trampled on by GOP party activists, who bow down to the alter of Russell Pearce and Joe Arpaio.

In two weeks we have our State organizational meeting. Russell Pearce is running for First-Vice Chair, of the AZGOP. I suspect it will be his way to prove that Republicans are still in love with him, and his recall was a leftist attack on a true Patriot.

And based on what I witnessed today -- Pearce will win!

Not because Republicans still love him - - but because the ballot boxes will be filled with proxy votes

And that will be a sad day for Arizona as many are saying should Pearce win that election -- he will essentially do what Tom Tancredo did to Colorado… the Obama administration and the Democrats turn this state blue.

I agree!

Pearce and his operatives are successfully destroying the AZGOP, one proxy vote at a time.


We need to modernize our voting system that elects our party leadership. Moving to a Preferential Voting ballot, and allowing only ONE vote per PC, and NO PROXY VOTING, would go a long way to returning common sense, and integrity to the Arizona Republican Party

Saturday, January 14, 2012 at 10:00 PM

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Tony GOPrano said...

Excellent synopsis of the Scumbags like Rob Haney who run the corrupt MCRC! This corruption has gone on for years, we have talked about it here on PM for the past 5 years.

It's time that the good Republicans stand up to the 'Fuhrer' of the MCRC and their brand of nasty politics!