Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stephen Viramontes for AZ GOP 2nd Vice Chairman!

Stephen Viramontes Letter of Intent to run for 2nd Vice-Chairman of the AZ GOP

As a husband, father and entrepreneur, I'm concerned for the my posterity as they inherit this great nation. Many in my generation have failed to pick-up the baton of American Exceptionalism and move it forward. I feel it is my duty to leave this Country and State a better place than was left to me. Like many of you, I am not willing to sit on the sideline to watch 'hope and change' reverse our original constitutional course.
We are at a pivotal point in our Nation and State. I've decided to run for the 2nd Vice-Chairman position to promote our Party platform and secure a victory in 2012.

My goals as 2nd Vice-Chairman will be to:

•Improve the unity of our great Party

•Get Conservatives elected at all levels of Government

•Define roles and responsibilities of state officers to add accountability & transparency

•Increase Party efficiency and effectiveness

•Advance the Party brand amongst the business community

My experience consists of, but not limited to:

•Precinct and State Committeeman in LD22

•Successful business owner and entrepreneur

•Fund-raised more than a million dollars for organizations, candidates and causes

•Employed & volunteered on city, state and federal campaigns to get Republicans elected

•Served in many leadership positions of non-profit boards and civic service groups

I look forward to discussing my plans on how I will work to accomplish the goals I have set. As always, your input and ideas are welcomed and appreciated. I respectfully ask for your support and vote at the Annual State Republican Committeemen Mandatory Meeting on January 28, 2012.

For Prosperity,

(Stephen) Viramontes

Direct: 480.442.1776

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