Monday, November 21, 2011


Looks like Shane Wikfors and 'the Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight' gets it wrong again!  Last week, they posted a 'so called' photo of IRC Chairman (Dem) Colleen Mathis supposedly entering Congressman Raul Grijalva's office.  Here is the photo:

Really Shane?  Then you post a 'non-retraction', retraction. Liberal blogger Ted Prezleski of the Rum, Romanism and Rebellion blog, ran an article called "We Debunk, You Decide".   They identify the people in the photo as Jeremy Markowitz and Trica Oshant Hawkins, who work for the Environmental Education Exchange, a non-profit that has an office in the building.

Later, the Arizona Capitol Times ran a similiar story.  They said: 
Wikfors told our reporter the anonymous photographer – who didn’t want to be identified – had “confirmed” for him that the photo was indeed of the chairwoman and her husband. “I’ll vouch for what the photographer told me,” said Wikfors, who acknowledged that he never checked with Mathis, the IRC or Grijalva before posting the photo and making accusations on his blog. “At this point, what I’ll do is I’ll double back with the photographer and ask them if they’re willing to stand by it,” he said. Within minutes of our reporter informing Wikfors of Prezelski’s post, he removed the photo from Sonoran Alliance.

What's happening over at the Sonoran Alliance?  Do they ever check the facts?  Sure doesn't seem like it does it?


Barbara Espinosa said...

One Blonde "ass" can look like another blonde "ass". Post faces with asses and you can't make a mistake.

Tony GOPrano said...

Hey Barbara, maybe Shane shouldn't ASSume anything. Makes an ASS out of U & Me...LOL! Happy Thanksgiving to you Barbara!

Lee said...

How can you tell when Shane Wikfors is lying? His fingers are moving!