Monday, November 07, 2011

Russell Pearce and his cronies up to dirty tricks again!

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We have heard a lot of claims about outside influences in this election from the Pearce campaign. The Lewis campaign learned about yet another one of these groups today while talking with voters.

Mesa's Hispanic Democratic and Independent voters were called this Saturday and encouraged to vote for a write in candidate because Pearce and Lewis were both Republicans. Who was this anti-Republican group trying to suppress votes? None other than Tea Party Leader, Republican activist, and Pearce confidant Ronald Ludders.


Who is Ronald Ludders?

Ludders is one of Arizona's most prominent Republican and Tea Party Leaders. He is a known supporter of J.D. Hayworth and Russell Pearce. His endorsement is listed right here on Pearce's own campaign website.

Ludders is also one of the largest recruiters of Republican precinct committeemen in Arizona. He writes with the pen name Cold Warrior. On this website he gives a testimonial of the Making of America seminar that is taught by Lester Pearce, the brother of Russell Pearce.

Here is Ron Ludders being introduced by J.D. Hayworth, appearing at a rally with the AZ GOP Executive Director, Thayer Voorshoor. He is the head of a group that recruits candidates. The AZ 2010 project.

Here is Ludders with Pearce and Arpaio at an Americans for Prosperity rally.

Why would Ron Ludders want to encourage people to vote for candidates who were not Republicans? Isn't he part of the party faithful? This is yet another reason why voters want a fresh voice in Mesa.

More about the group behind the attached call.

Here is the SOS information on the PAC:

Here is an article that ties the Chairman of the Pac in with the Tea Party:


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Georgia said...

You might like this video from Newsy ( about the Robocall Saturday night. It goes into what the state is doing to punish Ludders for the call, and what it will do if it is found that votes were actually swayed. Feel free to post it on your blog to give your readers more info!

Richard said...

In Arizona, write-in votes for a candidate count only for those candidates who register with the state as a write-in candidate.

People who follow the hypocritical "advice" on that tape will be throwing away their vote in this crucial election.