Tuesday, November 08, 2011


In an historic election, JERRY LEWIS  has defeated Senate President Russell Pearce in the Arizona Legislative District 18 Recall tonight!    Pearce is now 16 - 1!  Here are the results of the voting:

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Lewis Defeats Pearce in Recall Election: MyFoxPHOENIX.com


Anonymous said...

Russell - Think of it like this ... you EARNED this RECALL! Mike Triggs

Anonymous said...

Chairman Morrissey... Wondering if (paraphrasing your words) 'Sheriff Joe wasn't in the bathroom much too long'... perhaps he should've stayed there. Perhaps you both should consider flushing.
Too bad & too sad. You people, and your contrast to walk/talk, are the clear reason that the Republican Party has completely lost it's footing in this country. Tea Party...Disgrace/Joke.
No doubt, results of National Elections next year will only echo today! (No doubt you'll find an excuse to release yourself of responsibility)
Have any of you who fail the test royally, of that which the Republican Party traditionally has represented, considered stepping aside to afford honorable, deserving, transparent folks the opportunity to lead us forward. Obviously not. NARCISSIST... YEP.. the rest of us get it! Clearly last weeks meeting reflects the same.
Congratulations Mr. Lewis and farewell Mr. Pearce and your deadbeat friends/supporters.