Friday, November 18, 2011

COLD FEET OR COMMON FISCAL SENSE? - Reply to the Fly by Night & Faceless "Arizona Freedom Alliance" allegation that Speaker Tobin may be getting cold

Cold Feet?

Maybe what these so-called Patriots/Conservatives fail to mention is that since we are past the deadline for getting it on the 2012 regular ballot, the only option is a special election, which will cost the state government $5 million dollars during a severe economic time.

Email Speaker Tobin and tell him putting this on the next regular ballot (2014) at no cost is fine, but spending $5 million we don't have is not!

Until then, the action already taken by the Governor and the State Senate should be sufficient.


Jon C. Altmann
GOP State Committeeman - LD11

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Subject: Speaker Tobin may be getting cold feet

Arizona Freedom Alliance

Its surprising how much you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit
A message to all members of Arizona Freedom Alliance

The word is that
Speaker of the House Andy Tobin may be having some reservations about pushing to get Prop 106 repealed or amended and on the ballot as soon as possible. We are hoping for the Feb 28 primary. It will have to be open to all voters with two ballots or some similar arrangement... they can work that out.

Here's what you must do:

email Speaker Andy Tobin
Tell him to follow through on getting Prop 106 repealed or amended so as to fix the problems that have now been attached to both times this system was used.. in 2001 there were similar but less egregious problems but the Democrats are champions at cheating!! So they have now set the bar very high!

Then call or email Gov Brewer and ask her to call a Special Session ASAP to have the Legislature vote on this issue. You can use the same language to both the Speaker and the Gov.

Then go to our Groups page and "join" Watching the Elections, Watching the Feds and Watching Arizona. These are going to be the very active groups from now until election day and where all the critical info will be posted.

Thanks for all you do. Let's get those emails going. This is time sensitive... time is of the essence
The AFA Team

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