Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wes Gullett for Phoenix Mayor Fight Back: 1/2 Truth + 1/2 Truth = Lie

Dear Friends:

To quote Homer Simpson, "It takes two to lie - one to lie, and one to listen." Please, don't listen to the lies coming out of the Stanton campaign. A hit piece in the mail this week - the one with Pinocchio on the cover - is an outrageous cut and paste compilation of total fabrications and out of context sound bites. On TV this week is an ad that actually includes a tattoo across my forehead. If the Republicans did this to a Democrat there would be an uproar about civility in politics. Thankfully, the Arizona Republic has refuted these claims, but that hasn't stopped the barrage of nasty, awful, negative attacks and outright lies.

Clearly, we are rocking boats! And if these coordinated negative attacks from the city hall insiders, Greg Stanton, and the municipal employee unions are any indication, then they know that their campaign to keep the status quo is taking on water.

These negative attacks are designed with one goal in mind, to suppress voter turnout. If you turn people off enough, they won't vote. So it comes down to this: If we turn out our votes, we win.

We are still on TV with our positive message about reducing the cost of government and reforming the city's employee pension program. With 21 days left in this campaign, we'll end it the way we started, with a laser focus on jobs, committed to fundamentally changing the way we do business at the City of Phoenix.

How can you help? How about sending an email to all of your contacts, reminding them to vote their early ballots? Here's a sample that one of our neighbors sent out last night:

I voted for Wes Gullett for mayor today, and I urge you to do the same. I have known Wes for more than 20 years, and I know he will do what is right for Phoenix. Please help save our city -- MAIL YOUR EARLY BALLOT TODAY. WE NEED EVERY SINGLE VOTE!

The unions are out in force, playing dirty tricks. A self-identified fireman came to a neighbor's door "canvassing" the neighborhood on Saturday. He wanted to discourage votes for Wes. It was an intimidation tactic by a union desperate to keep the status quo.

Wes will focus on economic growth, a government we can afford, and safe neighborhoods. PLEASE VOTE FOR WES!

PS - If you want more information go to or

With just 21 days left, we are doing everything to encourage people to vote in this critical election.

Please, won't you help us? Put up a yard sign, send in a contribution, and email your friends and neighbors and ask them to mail back their ballot right away!

Thank you for your steadfast support.


Wes Gullett

P.S. We need money to keep up our positive message about fundementally changing the way we do business at City Hall. Please donate $100, $50, or $25 today so we can take our message directly to the voters.

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