Monday, October 24, 2011


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Thanks to the brilliant article last Thursday by Jon C. Altmann, "Is there a level playing field in Phoenix", we found evidence that Russell Pearce's longtime Political Consultant, Chad Willems of the Summit Consulting Group, received $ 32, 486.00 from the now defunct Phoenix Property Rights Coalition to gather signatures to STOP the new Mormon Temple from being built in North Phoenix!

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Scott Anderson from the Phoenix Property Rights Coalition was the one who hired Summit.  Anderson even gave a 'Testimonial' on Summit Consultings web site:
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Chad Willems is also the Chairman of Patriots For Pearce, according to the Arizona Republic, who said this about the recent RUSSELL PEARCE’S LESS THAN 200 PERSON RALLY LAST FRIDAY :

"Mesa spokesman Kevin Christopher said the stadium rental contract was signed by Chad Willem of the Phoenix-based Summit Consulting Group.

Summit Consulting has worked for numerous Republican candidates. Last year Summit produced a controversial campaign ad for Arpaio, even though Arpaio was not running for re-election at the time. Critics said the true intent of the ad was to torpedo the candidacy of former Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley, who lost in the Republican primary for his old job.

Christopher said Willem paid the approximately $2,500 stadium rental fee by credit card."

Here is the $ 64,000 question (More like $ 32,486.00) Why is Russell Pearce, who claims to be such a good Mormon, hiring someone who got paid thousands of dollars to oppose a Mormon Temple?  Let's see how they answer this question?


Barbara Espinosa said...

It's Chads job. Probably doesn't give out a client list before he takes a job. Knowing Chad he wouldn't reveal his client base to anyone. If you are going to hire someone and it's important who they have represented you should ask.

Mormon voter said...

That is nonsense Mrs. Espinosa! Russell Pearce is trying to use his Mormon religion to gain votes. This article shows just what a hypocrite he really is.

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