Thursday, October 06, 2011

Rick Perry Campaign Raises More Than $17 Million in 49 Days

More than $15M Cash on Hand; Donations from all 50 states, D.C., Guam;

51 percent of donors from out of state

AUSTIN –, Inc. today announced it raised more than $17 million for the GOP primary race between Aug. 13 and Sept. 30 from more than 22,000 unique contributors. Because of his August 13th entry into the race, Gov. Perry raised funds for just 49 of the 92 days in the quarter.

“The generous contributions from Americans across the nation prove the overwhelming support for Gov. Perry’s principled, conservative leadership and vision to get America working again," said Perry Campaign Manager Rob Johnson. “The governor will continue travelling the country talking directly to Americans about restoring our economic strength, job creation and putting our country on a path to prosperity and opportunity for future generations. Gov. Perry deeply appreciates the energetic support and hard work of the thousands of Republican volunteers and activists who’ve helped us build a strong and growing organization in just seven weeks.”

Donations were received from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam, with 51 percent of donors from outside the state of Texas. As of Sept. 30, the campaign has $15 million cash on hand. All but approximately $50,000 raised will go towards the primary race.

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