Friday, October 07, 2011

Questions they DIDN'T ask during yesterday's LD-18 Senate Recall Debate!

Did you watch the debate last night between Sen. Russell Pearce & challenger Jerry Lewis?  We have a few questions that should have been asked.....

Mr. Lewis: Did you know that your opponent Sen. Pearce accepted thousands of $$$ worth of gifts from the Fiesta Bowl?

Source: - page 191-192

Sen. Pearce: Did you find the cancelled checks yet?
Mr. Lewis:  Why do you think Olivia Cortes dropped out of the race?

Sen. Pearce:  How did you get Olivia Cortes to drop out of the race, one day before the second hearing in the Cortes case was to take place where several witnesses linking Cortes your campaign were going to testify?

Sen. Pearce:  Did your brother Lester (a Justice of the Peace) campaign for both you & Olivia Cortes (which is a violation of the Arizona Code of Judicial Conduct)?


(The code, which JPs must abide by, states that a judge or judicial candidate may not “publicly endorse or oppose another candidate for any public office… [or] actively take part in any political campaign other than his or her own campaign for election, reelection or retention in office.” - Source:  AZ Capitol Times Yellow Sheet Report from October 6, 2011)

Sen Pearce:  Did your political consultant Constantin Querard pay Petition Pros, the company that collected signatures for Cortes?

These and many other questions need to and will be answered before the November 8th Recall Election!

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