Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pearce claims Mormon blessing - By Brahm Resnik Channel 12

Sen. Russell Pearce claims the Mormon Church backs his hardline stance on illegal immigration. Brahm Resnik gets the church response.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO!(Updated 9:43 am 10/13/2011)

Sen. Russell Pearce's claims that he has the Mormon Church's blessing for his hardline stance on illegal immigration raise questions about exactly where the LDS Church stands.

The church's most recent policy statement was issued in June. It reaffirms the bedrock Mormon respect for the law, but couples that with a desire to keep families intact by finding ways to give illegal immigrants some form of legal status.

You can view the entirety of Pearce's comments on his interactions with Mormon leaders here. This unedited iPhone video was shot at a Republican town hall meeting in Pearce's district Sept. 27. Pearce banned TV cameras minutes before the meeting started. His comments on the LDS church begin at 25:00 and end at 26:30.

Here is video of the remainder of the roughly 80-minute meeting.

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