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October 24, 2011

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Jon Altmann
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Statement by Jon C. Altmann:

“Phoenix Mayor and Council elections are supposed to be non-partisan and focused on city issues that cross typical parochial party platforms.

The 2011 elections have been highly charged with partisan involvement and outside groups and individuals with tons of money to spend as “independent expenditures.”

Arizona has campaign finance laws. Phoenix has rules requiring that independent expenditure committees must register themselves and declare, as per state law, when those committees are spending money for or against a candidate.

Candidates themselves are forced to play by a fairly strict set of rules on campaign finances. The rules are meant to keep some sense of a level playing field.

For the second time in the 2011 races, I am filing an inquiry and complaint with the Phoenix City Clerk about another group that seemingly cannot follow the rules. This past Friday, October 21st, I filed a complaint with City Clerk Chris Meyer via email asking questions as to the behavior of the Phoenix Property Rights Coalition and two so-called “homeowner associations” (HOAs). The HOAs may be homeowner groups in name only and the Phoenix Property Rights Coalition itself was previously formed to oppose the building of a church, but filed a disbandment statement with the City Clerk back in January of this year

  If the Phoenix Property Rights Coalition is merely using these neighborhood association names to further a narrow special interest, then that is wrong.

Organizations and individuals have an absolute right to their freedom of speech and right to campaign in an election. However, they must play by the rules.

As someone who has been a neighborhood advocate since 1987 and has run for office and had to play by the rules, it became clear someone has to stand up and call for a closer look. My first complaint is now being pursued by the Secretary of State with referral to legal counsel. This new complaint against Phoenix Property Rights Coalition deserves the same thorough review.

Candidates and issues are entitled to a level playing field, not one that is manipulated by fly-by-night factions or other narrow special interest groups whose real purpose is simply not forthrightly evident to the voters.”

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About Jon Altmann

Jon Altmann is a Phoenix resident and small business owner. Since 1987, he has been a neighborhood advocate in areas where he has been a resident in Scottsdale and Phoenix. He has served on boards, committees and commissions in Phoenix and Scottsdale and is established national veterans advocate, currently holding a national office with a major veterans’ service organization, along with participation in local associations. He has also been active on public and parochial education issues and presently sits on an area parochial school advisory board. In 2008, Jon Altmann was the Republican primary winner and nominee for the State House in District 11. Jon Altmann is not a candidate for any public office. He is also a national recognized public safety consultant, having designed some of the nation’s emergency medical response systems.


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