Friday, October 14, 2011

Major Momentum Continues for Wes Gullett

Wes Gullett does some Myth-Busting!

Reformer premieres first television ad in the runoff for Phoenix mayor

PHOENIX – Wes Gullett has premiered his first television ad in the runoff for Phoenix mayor, running on local network stations and cable.

Titled “MythBuster,” Gullett pokes fun of his uncanny resemblance to Adam Savage, host of “MythBusters” on the Discovery Channel.

And just like the ginger-haired host, Gullett does his own myth-busting of the naysayers at City Hall who are advocating for the status quo.

“The status quo isn’t working,” Gullett says in the ad. “They raised your water rates. They created a food tax. And they continue to waste your money. While too many families in Phoenix are struggling to make ends meet.”

“Greg Stanton spent nine years at City Hall, and I’m here to clean up his mess,” Gullett says. "It's time for a businessman, not another career-politician. Let's get Phoenix working again!"

To watch the ad, click here:

Mythbusters® is a registered trademark of Discovery Communications Inc. Does not imply endorsement by Mythbusters®, Discovery Communications Inc., or Adam Savage.

It's been a terrific week at the Gullett campaign, and we are fired up!!

Gullett right for these times, endorsed by the Arizona Republic and the Ahwatukee Foothills News

This morning the Arizona Republic endorsed my campaign for Mayor saying: “Major changes are needed at City Hall, and the candidate more likely to tackle that challenge is Wes Gullett.” I am honored to have the Republic's nod - especially when they wrote: "But the truth, acknowledged only by Gullett, is that city government can only do so much to influence the economy. Gullett's plan puts more emphasis on leveraging city investments to support business or simply getting government out of the way.” Please, read the whole story here.

More great news: This is the second endorsement from a major Phoenix newspaper this week for our reform campaign. Yesterday I was endorsed by the Ahwatukee Foothills News, the first time they have ever endorsed a candidate running for office. Read it here. Both newspapers cited my plans to shake-up City Hall, challenge the status quo and reform employee pensions and compensation to make them more sustainable and protect taxpayers.

Opponents launch desperate attacks

And if you are watching local news, no doubt you've seen the outrageous attack ad against me. Suffice it to say, it's not true, and thankfully, the TV commercial was debunked by the Arizona Republic this morning. In my view, tattooing black letters across my forehead shows just how desperate my opponents have become. Clearly, the ad is paid for by people who will go to any lengths to keep the status quo at Phoenix. In this case, winning is the best revenge. Please redouble your efforts. Put up a yard sign. Send in a contribution. Tell your friends and neighbors to vote for Wes Gullett - and let's get those early ballots mailed back in right away!

Again, thank you for all our support.

Wes Gullett

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