Thursday, October 06, 2011


For Immediate Release: October 5, 2011

Contact: John Giles
In response, to accusation made by anonymous bloggers and by Sunday Square Off contributor Greg Patterson, the Lewis campaign is releasing a statement by Ron Neil the superintendent named in a lawsuit. Mr. Neil sets the record straight on the false claims being made about Jerry Lewis.

“Choice Education and Development Corporation and Edkey, Inc., have been named defendants in a lawsuit in which the plaintiff's main arguments are that she was wrongfully terminated. While the case will be debated in the legal realm, where we will assert the merits of what we believe to be a sound position, it appears that a tangent to the case is the plaintiff’s inclusion of Jerry Lewis’s name. At the time the events described in the suit occurred, Jerry Lewis was employed by Choice Education and Development Corporation. Jerry Lewis is NOT a named defendant in the lawsuit. He had nothing to do with her termination and in fact offered some creative options to save her job. It was my sole decision to terminate the plaintiff and eliminate her position due to budgetary issues. The plaintiff’s claims that Jerry Lewis misappropriated donated items are absolutely not true. In the process of collecting donations for the school, we routinely receive a large number of unusable items of little or no value, which are normally discarded or donated to other charitable organizations such as Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, etc. In the instance the plaintiff cites in her lawsuit, the items in question were not sold at any yard sale and most were donated to a local thrift store. Contrary to the plaintiff's assertion, not even 1 cent was raised from any yard sale of items donated to our school. We find it disingenuous that someone would try to use this incident to harm Jerry Lewis’s reputation.

We feel the need to set the record straight. In our experience, Jerry Lewis displays the highest degree of integrity in carrying out his duties and we have faith and confidence in his character.

"Choice Education and Development Corporation is quite concerned that untrue, irresponsible, and vengeful comments directed at Jerry Lewis could harm the wonderful students at our schools. The majority of the students at the school in question are homeless. They depend greatly on the generous donations of food, clothing and school supplies from a number of individuals. It is sad that people who make such irresponsible comments do not think how their words and accusations could harm children who are most in need.”

Ron Neil

Choice Education & Development Corporation

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