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Greg Stanton on his unethical behavior: “A few slips”

Stanton on his unethical behavior: “A few slips”

If elected Mayor, will Greg Stanton continue his practice of profiting from clients with business before the city?

PHOENIX – How does Greg Stanton explain the fact that he used his position on the Phoenix City Council to benefit a client that was subsidizing his personal income?

“A few slips,” he said as a flippant excuse at last night’s mayoral debate. []

Really? A few slips?

Not according to the Arizona Republic:

• The newspaper reported that Stanton was paid $80,000 by Maricopa Community Colleges from 2003 until at least 2007, while at the same time “supporting college interests on the council.” [Arizona Republic, "Pair Deny Impropriety in City, College Jobs," June 7, 2007]

• “Stanton also used city email, newsletters and meetings to talk up partnerships among Phoenix, the Maricopa colleges and Arizona universities,” the Republic reported.

• While getting paid by his client, Stanton made sure to put himself in positions where he could have influence over pet college causes. He chaired the council’s education committee and sat on the panel advising GateWay Community College.

• Stanton wasn’t shy about the association, even if it ran afoul with state ethics laws. Incredibly, Stanton actually used his "City Hall office to conduct or solicit college work." “State law prohibits elected officials from promoting the interests of outside employers and using their position to seek private gain,” according to the Republic.

• A representative of the colleges admitted “there are advantages in having a policymaker” as their paid consultant.

• It’s not clear whether Stanton ever stopped these practices before quitting his job on the Council. Once caught, Stanton actually defended the unethical practices, despite an outside expert telling the Republic, he was “not acting impartially.”

“Greg Stanton admits he let his ethics ‘slip’ through the cracks for at least four years. What else will he let slip through the cracks and into his pockets if he’s elected mayor?” said Gullett spokesman Daniel Scarpinato.


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