Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WES GULLETT FOR PHOENIX MAYOR - Mayoral debate: A clear choice for Phoenix

Gullett wants to grow jobs and the economy;

Stanton wants to grow government and bureaucracy

PHOENIX – At tonight’s mayoral debate, hosted by the University of Arizona College of Medicine, Wes Gullett continued to demonstrate that he’s the candidate committed to reforming city government and protecting taxpayers.

Career-politician Greg Stanton, on the other hand, confirmed his commitment to growing government and protecting city bureaucracy.

“Wes Gullett proved he’ll bring new leadership and new ideas to Phoenix,” said Gullett spokesman Daniel Scarpinato. “Greg Stanton continues to advocate for the status quo and the failed policies he forced on Phoenix families during his nine years on the city council."

The differences are clear:

Wes Gullett has a Seven Point Jobs Plan that will create jobs and grow the economy; Greg Stanton is offering a job-killing agenda of more government and higher taxes.

Wes Gullett will immediately repeal the food tax; Greg Stanton tried to confuse voters by talking in circles on the issue tonight, before finally admitting that he wants the $50 million tax to stay in place.

Wes Gullett will stop the automatic water rate increases; Greg Stanton voted for water rate increases before quitting his job on the city council and tried to dodge the question tonight.

Wes Gullett has released a comprehensive pension reform package that would transition city employees to a 401K resulting in substantial long-term savings; Greg Stanton has trashed the idea and wants government employees to continue receiving better benefits than the taxpayers who fund those benefits receive.

Wes Gullett has released a comprehensive Government Reform Plan that would cut taxes, fees and red tape; Greg Stanton has proposed dozens of ways to grow the size of government and has offered no way to pay for them.

“Wes Gullett wants to grow jobs and the economy; Greg Stanton wants to grow government and bureaucracy,” Scarpinato said. “If Phoenix voters want new leadership and new ideas, there’s only one choice: Wes Gullett.”


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