Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jennifer Wright endorses Wes Gullett

"Wes Gullett has been steadfast in his commitment to reform city government."

PHOENIX – Last night at her first appearance at a legislative district meeting since the August 30th municipal election, Jennifer Wright announced her endorsement of former opponent Wes Gullet as her choice for Mayor of Phoenix.

“To bring about positive changes, we need a leader committed to making significant reforms to city governance – and that leader is Wes Gullett,” declared Wright, adding “At each of the debates throughout the campaign, Wes Gullett has been steadfast in his commitment to reform city government.”

"I'm thrilled to have Jennifer Wright's support," Gullett said. "Jennifer mobilized the grassroots with her principled voice for fiscal sanity and reforming city government. I welcome her to our growing and winning coalition."

Referring to Gullett’s just released ten-point Commitment to Reform City Government as the cornerstone of her endorsement of his candidacy, Wright stated, “Mr. Gullett made a firm commitment with Phoenicians today that he will, among other things, champion the repeal of the food tax, reform employee compensation packages, and develop a small-business friendly procurement code.”

Wright encouraged the crowd of active precinct committeemen to put their time, energy, and effort in supporting Gullett in his campaign by knocking on doors, making phone calls, and donating to his campaign to help get out the vote in November.

“In order for Mr. Gullett to be successful, we have to get out the vote to make sure he is elected. We simply cannot afford to sit on the sidelines and hope for the best – each and every one of us has to work together to make it happen,” proclaimed Wright.

Wright is a former candidate for Mayor of Phoenix who entered the race late with little name recognition, but finished in a virtual tie for third place, along with two well-known Phoenix council members. Her insurgent campaign fueled by hundreds of committed volunteers shocked political insiders. Wright, a relative newcomer to politics, is currently an attorney with Bain and Lauritano, PLC, practicing family and criminal law.


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