Monday, September 26, 2011

The Beginning of the End for Ken Whisenhunt!

Yes, like many of you, I was fooled!  I thought the Cardinals had turned the corner, with a roster full of talented players.  I picked them to finish 11 - 5 and win the NFC Western Division.

After Week #3, it's painfully obvious that the Arizona Cardinals are the WORST team in the NFC after their 13 - 10 loss in Seattle.  How did this happen?

Coming into the 2011 season, the Cardinals went out and spent $Millions on re-signing All World Receiver Larry Fitzgerald, QB Kevin Kolb, and other Free Agents.   Optimism was running rampant. 

Training Camp was short due to the lockout, which has effected very NFL team.  But this hurt the Cardinals more than most teams as all the new personnel didn't have time to work together in the preseason.

Why are the Cardinals in this position?  The answer is obvious.  Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt is the answer!
Whisenhunt, who has been living off the Super Bowl appearance for the past few years (many now believe it was KURT WARNER & the players, NOT Whisenhunt who got them to the SB) is not the great coach he pretends to be.

He calls the Offensive plays for the Cardinals.  He is the WORST play caller I have ever seen!  He is so predictable, you can tell what play the Cardinals are going to run.  Why is Whisenhunt still calling the plays?
Whisenhunt's insistance that the Cardinals become 'Pittsburgh Steelers West' is wearing thin.  This is the Arizona Cardinals you are coaching, NOT the Steelers.  Are you as tired as I am of all the 'Steeler Rejects' Whisenhunt continues to bring here?

With the remaining schedule the Cardinals have, it's likely that they may not win 5 games the rest of the season.  What started out as a possible respectable season, has turned into a disaster.  Will Ken Whisenhunt survive?  Only time will tell.  If I owned the team, he would have been fired yesterday after the disaster in Seattle!

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