Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Congratulations to WES GULLETT as tonight he made the November Runoff Election for Mayor of Phoenix vs Liberal Greg Stanton. 

All Republicans need to unite in order to defeat Stanton, a Democrat, in November.  We sure don't need another Phil Gordon as our Mayor!

Here are the un-official results:

In Phooenix City Council District 2, JIM  WARING defeated 2 others to become the next City Councilman!  Congratulations to Jim Waring for a hard fought victory!

Statement by Peggy Neely

“With almost 50,000 ballots left to be counted, it appears unlikely that I will be able to overcome the margin required to make it into the run-off. Thank you to everyone who has worked on, endorsed, donated to, and supported my campaign. I would like to thank Governor Brewer, Mayor Rimsza, Councilman Johnson, Councilman DiCiccio, my volunteers and the countless others who supported my campaign.

“It is clear that there is growing frustration with government which can be seen from the national level all the way to the local level. I share this frustration and attempted to make that clear in ‘The Phoenix We Want’ and dedicating my efforts to jobs, balancing the budget, and increasing transparency. I stand by these plans and steadfastly believe reform is needed.

“Unfortunately, the frustration has grown to an anti-incumbent fervor that benefitted those who appealed as ‘outsiders.’ I am, of course, disappointed in the outcome, but I remain committed to changing the way Phoenix does business even if it isn’t achieved serving as Phoenix’s Mayor.

“We are at a critical time in deciding Phoenix’s future. I continue to believe that jobs and economic opportunities is the number 1 issue to the voters of Phoenix. We can’t afford the status quo. I hope the new Mayor will make sure to reach out to the community to seek everyone’s input to ensure Phoenix’s economic future.

“I also want to thank my opponents. This was a very hard fought campaign, and I commend them on their efforts. I will await the final election results on Friday and review them into next week prior to making any additional announcements.”


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